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Trash Can Cleaning Service Plano, TX

Expert Trash Bin Cleaning Services in Plano, TX

Welcome to LONESTAR Bin Cleaners. Residents and businesses in Plano, TX, can now enjoy the benefits of clean, odor-free trash bins thanks to LONESTAR Bin Cleaners. Our Trash Bin Cleaning Services in Plano are specifically designed to remove foul odors, harmful bacteria, and stubborn grime, ensuring your garbage bins are not only clean but also hygienic. We ensure your garbage bins are not just clean but also hygienic and fresh. Take a look at our different trash can cleaning plans below. 

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$20 First Cleaning
2 Bins Every 6 Weeks
$10 For Each Additional Bin
$36 First Cleaning

2 Bins Every 12 Weeks

$10 For Each Additional Bin
$60 First Cleaning

2 Bins – One-Time

$10 For Each Additional Bin
Trash Bin Cleaning Service

Why Choose Our Garbage Bin Cleaning Service in Plano?

The task of cleaning trash cans is often neglected but crucial. Our Trash Can Cleaners are equipped to provide a comprehensive cleaning service beyond just washing your bins. We sanitize and deodorize them using environmentally friendly methods, ensuring your bins are perfectly clean without any adverse environmental effects.

We use the latest equipment and efficient techniques to ensure a thorough cleaning process. Serving the Plano, TX community, we come to your location and easily handle the entire cleaning process, leaving your bins in pristine condition. Our Garbage Bin Cleaning Service is available for residential and commercial clients, ensuring everyone gets clean and hygienic bins.

Here's Our Trash Can Cleaning Process:

Schedule Your Service

Services are scheduled the day after trash pick-up to ensure bins are empty when we arrive to clean.

Power Wash & Sanitize

Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly truck is equipped with 360° spray nozzles that pressure wash every inch of your trash bins. The water is heated to 200°F to kill 99.9% of bacteria, leaving your bins looking and smelling as good as new!

Exterior Wash

Because we want your bins to look brand new on the inside AND outside, we also use a handheld pressure washer to thoroughly clean the outside of your bin.


Once your bins have been cleaned and sanitized, we finish off our process by spraying a deodorant to tackle odors longer.

Our Commitment to a Quality Garbage Can Cleaning Service in Plano, TX

At LONESTAR Bin Cleaners, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to the Plano community. We ensure that every bin we service reflects our high cleanliness and customer satisfaction standards. Our team is committed to delivering top-quality service, focusing on hygiene and environmental sustainability. Don’t let unclean bins be a burden any longer. Contact LONESTAR Bin Cleaners for the best Trash Bin Cleaning Services in Plano, TX. Experience the difference with our professional and environmentally friendly trash and garbage bin cleaning services. We’re here to make your environment cleaner and healthier. Click the button below to see our Plans and Pricing . We look forward to serving you!


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