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North Texas Trash Bin Cleaning Services

At LONESTAR Bin Cleaners our trash bin cleaning service go far beyond just simply cleaning your trash cans. Our trash bin cleaning truck is specifically designed to clean trash bins with a 3,000psi at 8 gallons per minute steam cleaning system that is not only good for your cans, but non-harmful to the environment (Eco-Friendly). The water is heated to 200 degrees! We also pressure wash your cans to ensure that any residual dirt, grime, muck or debris is completely removed from your cans both on the inside and outside. Lastly, we use medical grade cleaner and deodorizer with liquid microbes to eliminate any foul odor. Our job is to make sure that we remove the lingering smell and disgusting, dirty remains of your trash so that your cans are disinfected and fresh all year round.

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$20 First Cleaning
2 Bins Every 6 Weeks
$10 For Each Additional Bin
$36 First Cleaning

2 Bins Every 12 Weeks

$10 For Each Additional Bin
$60 First Cleaning

2 Bins – One-Time

$10 For Each Additional Bin
Trash Can Cleaners in Frisco TX

Trash Bin Cleaning Eliminates Unhealthy Living

Did you know that the most unhealthy part of your home is not your toilet, your attic or your basement? It’s actually your trash cans. Most people leave their trash cans in the garage. That means that you have to live with the smell of stinky, festering trash remnants every week. NOT ANYMORE!
At LONESTAR Bin Cleaners, we ensure that we disinfect the unhealthy bacteria that may be growing on your trash cans like salmonella and mold. We eliminate the overpowering smell that may attract flies, rats, maggots, spiders and other disease carrying critters that can easily be deterred with clean trash bins. If you’re ready to have your trash bins cleaned & disinfected (and get your garage back), click the button below to sign up!

Here's Our Process:

Schedule Your Service

Services are scheduled the day after trash pick-up to ensure bins are empty when we arrive to clean.

Power Wash & Sanitize

Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly truck is equipped with 360° spray nozzles that pressure wash every inch of your trash bins. The water is heated to 200°F to kill 99.9% of bacteria, leaving your bins looking and smelling as good as new!

Exterior Wash

Because we want your bins to look brand new on the inside AND outside, we also use a handheld pressure washer to thoroughly clean the outside of your bin.


Once your bins have been cleaned and sanitized, we finish off our process by spraying a deodorant to tackle odors longer.


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